Test Name Ammonia
Test Code 684
CPT Code(s) 82140
Preferred Requirement(s) 2mL (2mL) – Plasma EDTA (Frozen)
Alternate Requirement(s) Heparinized plasma (Green Top (Sodium or Lithium))
Transport Temperature F=24hours
Methodology Kinetic Spectrophotometry
Days Performed Mon-Fri
Special Instructions Centrifuge and immediately separate plasma specimens from the cells within 10 minutes of collection into aliquot vial.  Freeze and ship frozen.  Patient should be fasting to avoid lipemia.  No or limited tourniquet should be used.  Patient should not clench fist.
Rejection Criteria 1. Unlabeled or Mislabeled specimens.
2. Hemolysis.
3. Gross lipemia and/or turbidity.
4. Quantity insufficient to perform testing (QNS).
5. Evidence of contamination.
6. Refrigerated/Ambient Specimens.
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